Program Background

The number of Thai farmers practicing organic farming has certainly increased with regard to the whole Thai agricultural population. In addition, the type, quality, and quantity of production are steadily stabilizing. However, in terms of sales and profits, there are still differences by region and group, so new ideas are needed. It is required to improve the sales methods, to bring up leaders and successors, and to raise consumer’s awareness of safe food. In order to protect food security in Thailand, it is necessary to construct a production and sales system that involves consumers as well, rather than to spread agricultural techniques as done previously.

Exchange between Thai and Japanese people in order to construct an alternative food distribution system

Thai farmers visited allotment gardens.

JVC has worked together with Thai NGOs promoting organic farming for over 30 years. JVC has promoted the sustainable and environmentfriendly farming methods in order to realize Thai farmers’ self-reliance and safe food distribution, and JVC and Thai NGOs have planned and implemented various projects and training to connect producers and consumers. At the beginning of our long-term project, JVC put emphasis on “strengthening the ability of farmers” through the exchange and collaboration of Thai and Japanese producers and related organizations. In recent years, the emphasis has shifted to a comprehensive approach that is not limited to producers but also involves various groups such as consumers and people living in urban areas.
In the fiscal year of 2017, JVC held an exchange program for 22 days in Japan by inviting five participants, who practice urban vegetable gardening and circulate organic products. The participants visited sites for distribution center, farmers trading with the “Seikatsu Club Seikyo” (consumers’ cooperative), and allotment gardens where consumers could encounter farming. They also visited Ogawa-machi of Saitama Prefecture and learned about the regional economic and natural resource cyclical model.


The participants learned that it is important to build a good relationship between producers and consumers: not competing, not depending too much, and trusting each other. For this purpose, consumers are advised to visit farming sites to get a better understanding of the production process. Good communication between producers and consumers further makes it possible to adjust the quantity of products and place a reasonable and reproducible price.

Study tour

A scene of the study tour held in September.

JVC carried out a study tour in September with four participants in order to learn about the activities of JVC in Thailand during the past over 30 years.

“Cooking chicken curry almost from scratch” Event

The participants ranged from children to adults in the event “Cooking chicken curry almost from scratch.”

JVC organized the event “Cooking chicken curry almost from scratch”, through which one can learn that life is precious and linked together. We had 111 participants including adults and children.

[Source: JVC Annual Report 2017]

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