Who We Are?

The JVC English Volunteer Team meets every Thursday from 10am-5pm, providing Japanese-English translation and proof-reading services for Japan International Volunteer Center.

Our activities every week range from translation of Japanese-language publications and material, proof-reading of English-language material and the continual development of the JVC English-language website. Recent projects have included the development of an English-language portal for purchasing JVC International Cooperation Calendar and Postcard goods as well as an English-language translations of JVC staff member interviews.

Members either work from home or come to the JVC office to work on the range of tasks that need to be completed.

The English Volunteer Team currently consists of 20 individuals from both Japan and wide range of countries, with members being from Nepal, Vietnam, France, Romania and United States to name a few. Our members come from a range of occupations, with members being students to office workers, English teachers to NPO professionals. Although members of the English Volunteer Team come from diverse backgrounds, we are all passionate about using our skills and abilities to help others in the world and contribute to JVC.

Members who have contributed to the English Volunteer Team include:

  • K. Takemura
  • Y. Nakamura
  • A. Guermont
  • S. Thapa
  • T. Barregaard
  • R. Yue
  • C. Leone
  • S. Igawa
  • J. Maryuama
  • H. Sugishita
  • M. Takahashi
  • K. Adachi
  • H.H. Do
  • M. Kanai
  • H. Velnom
  • R. Florea
  • A. Shirakawa
  • N. Mizutani
  • A. Senkoff
  • J. Hills
  • M.J. Tang
  • E. Nagatomi
  • K. Iuchi

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