I. Vision

To realize a society where we all people can live in harmony with each other and with nature:

  1. support people in various parts of the world who are struggling to improve their living conditions despite of their socially imposed hardships; and
  2. create new lifestyles and human relations to protect and revitalize global environment.

II. Mission

  1. Community-based Sustainable Development
  2. Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation
  3. Disaster Relief and Reconstruction
  4. Grass-roots Networking

III. Code of Conduct for Development

= Basic Principles =

  1. Indigenous knowledge and techniques as well as diverse cultures;
  2. Community based environmental conservation and management;
  3. People’s initiative and participation;
  4. Development of people’s potentials and capabilities in diverse fields;
  5. People’s self-reliance and equal partnership; and
  6. Equal participation of women and men: gender equity

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