What changes did JVC’s vocational training make? (Part 2)

[Original by Yuta HASHIGUCHI, Sudan Project (April 18, 2022); Translated by J. Tsuchiya/A. Taguchi]

In my last blog, I introduced how trainees and instructors were feeling after the whole vocational training program ended. This time, I interviewed two other welding trainees. Please find out what kind of changes they have experienced through JVC’s vocational training.

Mr. Fatah (18 years old)

Mr. Fatah

“I came from Katcha in the rebel territory. I went up to the second grade of elementary school, but because of a family finance issue, I quit and was taken care of in my relative’s shop for a while in Hersana, West Kordofan.

Later on, when I came to Kaduqli to work in the fields, conflicts began. My father, who was a farmer and also a soldier, went to the battlefield and came back seriously injured. As he was the main breadwinner, our family lost income and didn’t know what to do.

One day, a community leader told me about a welding vocational training. I have been intrigued by welding since a long time ago, but I went to the registering site just because I had no other idea how to earn money. JVC was registering applicants under a big tree. Mr. Ismeil, the team leader of JVC, immediately accepted me.

From then on, I never felt anything was hard for me. Because I had a lot of hardships and difficulties in my childhood, I have a strong will to learn, and it is simply enjoyable and rewarding to get more knowledge and skills. I am happy every day. I hope to have my own factory in the future but for the moment, I would like to improve my skills and earn money to feed my family of 12 members.

Mr. Shalon (19 years old)

Mr. Shalon

“I am from Angolo, a rebel region. I went to school till 2019 but since then, I had no job for two years. I sometimes helped my mother with the farming chores, and other times I played soccer or other games there.

It is a very sad thing to have a willingness to work but no job, having enough time but nothing to do.

Since I joined the vocational training, everything has gone smoothly. My strong points are accuracy and speed. I can finish welding a simple bed within thirty minutes.

Some of my friends work for a water supply public corporation or build related facilities by getting orders from public administrations, but I would like to continue making furniture. I love this job because I can earn money by selling what I make. In addition, it is a good practice for me. I could improve my work speed through this job. There is a constant demand for furniture in Kaduqli. There are a lot of young people who get married and start living in a new house or those who moved to the city from the Nuba Mountain area. There are also repurchase demands. Since wooden furniture could be damaged by pests in this region, people prefer metal furniture.

My father has three wives, and we are a big family of 27. I would like to earn a lot of money and improve my skills through everyday work.

The change brought about by the vocational training

Even after the vocational training ended, the trainees continue to exert strenuous efforts to improve their knowledge and skills in welding. I hope that their experience in JVC’s vocational training will bear fruits for years to come.

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