Join our Crowdfunding project for Iraqi Children!

JVC Iraq project has been providing support for 630 children and their families in total to relieve their psychological wounds, fear and trauma. We really need to collect funds for the project now, as psychological care support for children with trauma should not be delayed. If this support comes too late, these children might miss their chance for social rehabilitation and integration in the earlier stages.

Although attention to the situation of Iraq is decreasing after the victory declaration over the IS, it won’t mean that all the problems caused by the IS have been solved. Unfortunately, support for the JVC Iraqi project has also been sharply decreasing alongside the decrease in attention, causing severe fund shortage to run the project.

To get over this situation, we launched this crowdfunding project to cover the project budget. Please assist us to achieve our funding goal through donation and information sharing. Your support will help Iraqi children who will build the future peace in Iraq.

【English Page】Challenge for Iraqi children! / 戦争・ISで傷ついたイラクの子どもたちの心と未来を救いたい! – クラウドファンディング Readyfor (レディーフォー)

【English Page】Challenge for Iraqi children! イラクでは長引く武力紛争により、多くの子どもたちが心に深い傷を受けています。子どもたちが心を開いて交流する場を作り、心のケアも提供します。 – クラウドファンディング Readyfor

We hope our project will provide opportunities for Iraqi children and contribute to the development of Iraqi society. If you are interested in the project, please join us.

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