Report on the localization of the JVC Afghanistan local office

[Original by Maki KATO, Afghanistan Project (April 12, 2019); Translated by K. Adachi/D. Duchaine/K. Stepanchak]

The design of the new local organization’s logo reminds us of JVC and is written in Pashto, the local language.

In March 2019, the local office of JVC Afghanistan became independent, locally incorporated, and registered as a new NGO by the Afghan government. After much deliberation by local staff, the name, Your Voice Organization (YVO), was selected for this new organization. While YVO will manage the organization from fiscal year 2019, JVC signed a partnership contract with YVO, and we will continue to work together for community education and peace building as before.

The name: Your Voice Organization means that we will listen to the voices and thoughts of people, especially the precious voices of those who are forced into difficult situations.

Historical background of the localization

After the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, in the United States, Afghanistan became a location for the Global War on Terror. JVC provides emergency aid to Afghanistan. We have continued activities in the field of medicine, health care, education, peace building, and policy advocacy. While providing aid, JVC planned the localization of the office. Initially, Japanese staff could safely reside in Afghanistan. However, since the rapid deterioration of the security situation from around 2007, residence became impossible. In recent years, even business trips were forced to come to a halt. Management of the office became difficult, as the Afghan and Japanese staff could not even see each other. Because there were no Japanese staff on site, local staff steadily enhanced their daily management of projects and the office.

The stamp of this new organization is used for the first time to make a partnership contract (memorandum) with JVC. Congratulations on the birth of YVO! *Female staff have their faces covered per their request.

We had long planned for the localization, and being courageous, we decided to proceed at this time. As we had expected, there were so many things to do. We worried that it could not be finished by the end of fiscal year 2018 as scheduled. However, the hard work of local staff paid off, and they were able to complete the administrative procedure for the localization in March 2019! When we received report that the localization had been completed, we were both hopeful and concerned for the future. There had been many discussions and distresses inside our organization, but when we look at the pictures of our smiling colleagues who took their first big step, we felt deeply moved. There are still big challenges waiting, like fundraising, management, and the continued difficulties inviting JVC staff on site. Therefore, we sincerely ask you to give us continuous, or even increasing support and encouragement for the future!

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