Pictures drawn by Afghan Children

[Original by Asako SHIRAKAWA, Volunteer for Afghanistan Project (June 11, 2019); Translated by M. Goto/S. Altman]

JVC produces and sells New Year’s cards every year, using pictures of zodiac animals drawn by children around the world. Some of them may not have been picked out, but each one has originality and heals people. Today I will introduce some pictures drawn by Afghan children.

This was drawn by an eleven-year-old boy. The parent birds and chicks look cute. He might have imagined himself and his family. The fancy letters are also nice.

This is Kato’s, the JVC staff of the Afghanistan project, favorite picture that she selected. While there were many pictures drawn well and realistic, this one is unique in design and reminds us of Pokémon. She has printed it and carries it in her notebook.

Is that straw on the cart? JVC’s staff said that it only looks like bread. When we received this picture, however, everyone felt refreshed and loved it.

The bit and reins are drawn very well. If you keep looking at the picture, the horse will catch your eyes!

The kid might have thought that the bird (chicken?) was smiling? A rare illustration with a smiley expression.

That’s all for today! Please look forward to next time!

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