The photographer of the Year for the 2020 JVC Calendar has been chosen!

[Original by Kei ITO, Secretariat of the Calendar Project (May 21, 2019); Translated by Y. Nakamura/S. Altman]

The 2015 calendar “Travelers on This Planet”.

Hello, I am Kei Ito, the secretariat of the calendar project. JVC has been selling the JVC calendar for international cooperation every year. The 2019 JVC Calendar marked the 30th anniversary of our calendars. So, starting afresh, we are now in the middle of making next year’s calendar. We have received a lot of feedback from supporters saying that they are looking forward to seeing JVC’s calendar every year (thank you so much!). I would like to inform you of the outline of next year’s calendar, its production process, interesting bits of related information, and so on.

The 2016 calendar “Full of Lives”.

First of all, and possibly the most exciting news, we have recently decided to choose Mr. Uruma Takezawa as the photographer for 2020! He previously helped us with “Travelers on This Planet” in 2015 and “Full of Lives” in 2016. He is helping us once again for the third time.

He has traveled more than 150 countries in the world. These countries are full of the smiles of the children that he photographed for these two calendars. I cannot help smiling at them. He is always traveling across the world and is most likely away from Japan now. I can only imagine what beautiful pictures he must be taking now.

A photo from “Travelers on This Planet” from 2015.

A photo from “Full of Lives” from 2016.

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