Activity report from January to June 2018 (1)

Introduction – What is the Mangaten domestic refugee camp? –

[Original by Takaki IMAI, President (August 23, 2018); Translated by K. Adachi/S. Altman]

JVC continues activities in the Mangaten domestic refugee camp in the suburb of the capital of South Sudan, Juba.

Presently, no Japanese staff resides in the local office because of security issues, but we correspond with local South Sudanese staff and continue business trips from Japan in order to carry on the operation.

This time I report the status of our activities from January to June in 2018.

What is the Magaten domestic refugee camp?

Mangaten is located in the north of the Munuki district, which is situated in northwest Juba. When a civil war broke out between the president’s forces and the vice president’s anti-governmental forces in December 2013, a number of evacuees flowed into this area from all over the country. As a result, a refugee camp was established in 2015.

The camp is divided into “Camp 1” and “Camp 2.” About 600 families are residing in both camps in total.

Activities from January to June 2018

  • Camp 1: Support children to attend school (distribution of school goods in an elementary school)
  • Camp 1: Support women to grow vegetables
  • Camp 2: Support women to raise income (flour mill project)
I will report on these activities in the coming three articles.

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