[Original from the JVC’s News Letter “Trial & Error” vol. 330 (Spring issue, 2018); Translated by N. Mizutani]

We work together with a number of local staff in our overseas offices. Here we introduce them with their memories of the biggest events they had in 2017. The following on-site staff are as of March 2018.


  • Ajmal Khuram (Education coordinator)
    I visited India with my mother. This was her first time to travel by air. We enjoyed living spending time with Indian people who have totally different culture and religions.
  • Abdul Wahab (Program coordinator)
    We hope this year will be a peaceful year for Afghanistan and that armed groups will join the peace negotiation, stop war in Afghanistan, and work together with the government for the development of Afghanistan.
  • Sabirullah Memlawal (Deputy country director)
    I convinced my relatives to send their sons to Jalalabad to study. Also I am happy that our peace activities are going well.
  • Fatima Khadim (Community education)
    We started peace awareness programs in our community and women appreciated them and my effort.
  • Turab Khan (Peace action)
    In 2017 Gubadin Hekmatyar joined the Afghan government. I hope peace negotiation progresses further.
  • Delawar (Chief guard)
    I do not have good memory in 2017, because I lost close friends and relatives in serious fights in Afghanistan. I hope 2018 will be a good year.
  • Zamanullah (Guard)
    I am so happy that my children started to go to school last year. I hope we have peace in our country.
  • Ezatullah (Guard)
    Last year my son came back from the USA and we spent some time together with our family.
  • Abdul Raziq (Guard)
    I want to go to Makkah for pilgrimage.
  • Shah Mohammad (Driver)
    Last year I had pain in my back and doctors told me to have operation but I recovered without operation thanks to mighty Allah.
  • Agha Gul Pacha (Driver)
    My brother died which made me really sad. Now his children are orphans. I want to help them for their education.


  • Mariko Omura (Country director)
    My former boss and a colleague of my previous workplace got married and I made a speech at their wedding. It was a touching moment, remembering all the good times and hard times we spent together.
  • Chan Pok (Field staff)
    My lovely daughter is growing up, day by day.
  • Chhan Chanlaksmey (Accountant)
    Shared my dream with my family to travel to somewhere in Asia in 2018.
  • Mien Somach (Field staff)
    Having a great time with farmers in the village. Rebuilding our house. Watching the growth of our two children.
  • Pum Bunroeun (Driver)
    Preparing for building our house.
  • Heng Chheng Ngov (General affairs)
    Having a new Japanese staff member, the working environment has improved. Celebrated the 7th wedding anniversary with my wife.
  • Pao Rith (Driver)
    Besides working as a driver, I really enjoy helping growing vegetables, compost, and herbs at the JVC forest garden.
  • Pork Kong (Project manager)
    Being able to have dinner with my family every weekend and to water the flowers and trees in my garden by myself.
  • Chin Bunheang (Field staff)
    Receiving good reputation from people who visited the JVC forest garden. My son’s graduation from university.
  • Pheart Phy (Field staff)
    My mother’s health condition is getting better.


  • Kenichiro Iwata (Country director)
    Finished working away from home and was finally able to live with my wife. But now we are going to move to Laos!
  • Ryouhei Yamamuro (Project coordinator)
    I travelled to Luang Prabang. Enjoyed the beautiful nature and streets of ancient cities.
  • Houmphan Sengchanthong (Project coordinator)
    Went to the sea with my wife and staff.
  • Phimmasone Xaysiheng (Accountant)
    Becoming a member of JVC.
  • Sisavanh Inthakhonh (Field officer)
    I had Baci, a ritual to strengthen our spiritual bonds, with my mother and my father-in-law.
  • Somsone Dodsaney (Field officer)
    We went to my wife’s home village. We enjoyed walking in the mountains, watching birds and eating fruits.
  • Souksavath Sikhounmeuang (Field officer)
    Enjoyed drinking and singing with villagers personally.
  • Sivone Xayyaphet (General affairs)
    Went to see my parents with my family, and had a wonderful dinner with all my sisters.
  • Hompasong Thammavong (Driver)
    Learned how to use a computer by myself.
  • Ovantin Thepphavong (Field officer)
    Our family had a new member, my baby daughter!


  • Yoriko Yamamura (Country director)
    Travelled Russia for the first time. Experienced non-American culture and also met refugees from Palestine.

South Africa

  • Duduzile Nkabinde (Project coordinator)
    Training at the Asian Rural Institute in Japan. I met people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world. We studied together for ten months.
  • Moses Shavhani (Accountant)
    I finished preparation for reforming my own house. I have more confidence in myself.
  • Philip Maluleke (Project field assistant)
    Participated in a public court. I learned about the movements to protect human rights against land and resources grabbing.

South Sudan

  • Nakang Christine (Project officer)
    Went back to home in Uganda and met my three-year-old son after a long time. It was great to spend Christmas at home.
  • Essam Ando (Project officer)
    My oldest daughter started going to a kindergarten in a refugee camp. I have to tell her not to go to the market alone, because she might be kidnapped. It’s tough.


  • Mona Hassan (Acting country director)
    Founded a charity foundation to assist large families who live in and outside Sudan.
  • Sarah Mogo (Field officer)
    My brother’s marriage.
  • Ahmad Alhadi (Field assistant)
    My mother, who had evacuated to El Obeid came to Kadugli. I am relieved that the area has become safer.
  • Ismeil Gomaa (Team leader)
    It was a special year both in business and private life. I made a new family and my dream came true.
  • Sqeeda Alfaki (Field assistant)
    Received an award at the state art exhibition.


  • Kaoruko Morimoto (Project coordinator)
    Succeeded in a two-week detox. No carbohydrate, fish, meat, sugar, caffeine, and no alcohol!

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