We request a ceasefire and realization of peace in Syria on the occasion of concerned military action in the Idlib governorate

Statement by Japanese NGOs

6th September 2018

We are NGOs working in the Middle East including Jordan, Iraq, and Palestine and have been implementing humanitarian aids for the people who are forced to live under difficult situations due to conflicts and civil wars. Having witnessed the serious harm inflicted upon innocent citizens by the military actions of countries such as the United States and Russia, as well as by the government of Syria and other military bodies, we have made statement emphasizing that military reciprocation only hinders peace and resolution.

Military tension is highly increasing in the Idlib governorate in the northwestern Syria. Anti-governmental armed bodies, which were defeated in the fights in various places Syria, are said to gather in Idlib. The government of Syria announces that it will conduct a large-scale military action to the anti-governmental bodies, if they do not accept the settlement. On the other hand, many of the anti-governmental bodies declare that they will thoroughly fight against the government.

We urge everyone related to military activities in Syria. Please stop any military actions immediately. The United Nations warns that, if military actions intensify in this area, the number of people who need humanitarian aids would drastically increase: three million residents would be affected by the military actions and 800 thousands of people would be chased from home.

The international community should act to prevent further casualties and make Syria a peaceful country. We request an immediate ceasefire to all the bodies and countries concerned, Syria, Russia, Turkey, Iran, USA, Israel as well as ISIS, Jihadists including those connected with Al Qaida, and anti-governmental groups.

It is reported that there will be a summit among Turkey, France, Germany and Russia at Istanbul on September 7 followed by another summit between Turkey, Iran, and Russia. Now a political process should be implemented to halt the war in Syria.

We expect the Government of Japan to actively take on the above-mentioned challenges. We ask that all parties unite their efforts to bring peace to Syria.

Japan International Volunteer Center
Japan Iraq Medical Network

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