Mr. Hiromi Nagakura is a photographer of Next Year’s JVC Calendar.

[Original by Yoshie NIMODA, Calendar Project (March 23, 2017); Translated by Y. Nimoda]

I am Yoshie Nimoda in the secretariat of the calendar project. I am also a new staff member of JVC from last January. Many readers might not have been informed of my name before this article. I’m hoping for your support from now on.

Well, I would like to inform you of JVC’s calendar. Although year 2017 has just begun, our secretariat has already started to make arrangements for next year’s calendar. We have recently decided on collaborating with a photographer for 2018!

We have to choose candidates among many photos. Every photo is splendid. It is very difficult to shortlist them.

Mr. Nagakura signed, drew his portrait and wrote a message on the poster of his photo exhibition.

It is Mr. Hiromi Nagakura. He is a photo journalist and has been taking pictures in many places in the world for almost 40 years. He had previously helped us with JVC’s calendar for international cooperation several times. He is helping us once again after 5 years’ absence from 2013. Our calendar project team has recently attended a meeting about selection of photos. We would like to deliver a beautiful calendar to all of you. Please look forward to it.

Moreover, his photo exhibition will be held at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in Ebisu from Saturday, 25th of March to Sunday, 14th of May. This exhibition will include all of his activities up to now. It will have substantial contents; More than 300 pieces of photographs will be exhibited, and Mr. Nagakura himself will have a gallery talk show every Saturday and Sunday. I hope you will visit this exhibition. (* His photo exhibition already ended.)

JVC staff members are visiting the exhibition. Please don’t miss it!

We hope you will buy JVC’s 2018 Calendar for International Cooperation.

We will inform you of any progress on 2018 Calendar by blog or Facebook. Please don’t miss it.

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