Mr. Shah Muhammad (Driver)

Mr. Shah Muhammad (Driver)

[Original by Kenichi TAKEMURA, 2015 Afghanistan Project Intern (December 2, 2015); Translated by K. Takemura]

Many things happened in my childhood…

I was born in Kama District Zarshoyee village of Nangrahar province. My father was working with the government, but he passed away when I was three years old. After his death, my elder brother supported our family. When I was in the third grade of school, I heard the rumors that Russia attacks on Afghanistan. People started immigration to Pakistan. Jihad (holy war) started against Russian and those people who worked with the government. Mujahedeen* gave warning to my brother, who also worked with the government, to leave his job.

I never forget the night when Mujahedeen came to our home and knocked the door to open. Since my mother knew that they were Mujahedeen, she woke up me and my brother, and hid us under straw. She told us not to cry or yield, if they know you are under the straw, they kill you. When my mother hid us under the straw, a scorpion bit me. I tolerated the pain but couldn’t cry or yield. Mujahedeen broke our home door by bomb, entered to the home, and looted our all home goods. After this incident we moved to Jalalabad city. On the way to Jalalabad, I fell down in a river. My family found me in a hospital after three days.

By the passage of time my elder brother got a Job in Bati Koat district, and another brother got a job in the army. I was 13 years old and took the responsibility of our family. One day I took a bus to Bati Koat district to visit my elder brother. There were about 40 passengers in the bus. In the middle of the way, the bus blasted by a street bomb. Thirty passengers died, and others injured. Fortunately I was safe.

* Mujahedeen is the people who fight against foreign power, which invades islamic countries. It is also called “Islam holy warrior”.

Death of my brother

By the passage of the time my brother who worked in the army left the job, and joined Mujahedeen to start Jihad. My family immigrated to Pakistan and stayed at a refugee camp. After one year my brother martyred at Jihad. We came back to Afghanistan. I joined the Afghanistan army, worked as a soldier for 3 years, and got the certificate of military services. I bought a small car and started driving as a local transport. At the year 2002 I join the health net NGOs working in health as a driver up to 2004. I joined JVC in 2004 and work as a driver.

I have 9 children, 8 of them are male and 1 is female. I wake up early in the morning, prepare pry and reading the Quran. My favorite food is Kabuli Palaw (rice cooked with mutton, carrot, dry grape, nuts, etc).

My work at JVC

Gentle face coming back after work

Gentle face coming back after work

Let me introduce my work at the JVC. I come to office in early morning, clean the car, confirm the schedule of the day, and start pickup of the staff. After that I drive to the project site and do daily duty in the field. In the afternoon, I return back to the office with staff and take them to their residents. After coming back to office, I have a short meeting with Admin Sabirullah to talk about security, road condition, vehicle condition, and fuel for tomorrow. When I come back to office from field without any incident, it gives me satisfaction. But, when the staffs do not appear on time at the place of pickup, I feel irritated.

Message to Japanese people

Please help Afghan people continuously.

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