Program Background

A family reunited after living in separation for more than eight years in the government and anti-government-controlled areas.

In Sudan, the long-lived dictatorial regime finally collapsed in April 2019. The new government formed to run the country during a 39-month transition to civilian rule, resumed peace talks with rebel groups. JVC has been supporting people of South Kordofan State where the conflict erupted in 2011 and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced. Some of them crossed the border into South Sudan to be protected in refugee camps, while some others moved to the safer places inside Sudan. The resumption of peace talks has eased restrictions on people’s movement between the government and the rebel-held areas. Aiming to support post-conflict reconstruction of communities, we are working on reconstruction of basic infrastructure, confidence-building among the people, and supporting to improve the children’s access to education.

A Story in Our Activity Area (Sudan)

Mr. Abdullah showed us a hand pump well managed by the community people.

Mr. Abdullah (in his 30s), a leader of the water management committee, participated in a joint workshop and learned from the experience of other participants about the advantages of regularly collecting contribution money from community members, to use for the maintenance and repair of hand pumps. “In this village, we used to have difficulty getting water, especially in the dry season. Now, thanks to this newly installed hand pump, we have free access to clean water. It will motivate more people to come back to the village. We’re planning to build houses, communal toilets, and a mosque to prepare for their return and the harmonious coexistence in the village.” says Mr. Abdullah

Livelihood of Returnees, Improvement of Educational Environment, and Confidence Building (South Kordofan State, Sudan)

Outline of the Activities

In the areas where people started to return, necessary infrastructure was damaged during the conflicts. We installed hand-pump wells and built primary school buildings in those areas. Furthermore, we conducted workshops for the community members and its leaders to discuss the issues and challenges related to a peaceful coexistence.

Observed Changes

Children learning at the school JVC built in the returnees’ area.

The returnees are rebuilding their lives on their own initiative. They built a fence made of trees and grass around the hand pump well installed by JVC to protect it from livestock, and purchased spare parts for the hand pumps by using money collected from the community members. As restrictions on movement between government and anti-government-controlled areas have been eased, a market was opened in boundary villages. Its necessity was strongly urged by community leaders in the confidence building workshop. The markets serve as places not only for buying and selling products but also for the interaction of people from both areas, and the reunion of separated families.

Protection of Children and Assistance to Nursery Schools (Yida Refugee Camp, South Sudan)

Outline of the Activities

We continued to support preschools operated by refugees and provided school materials and training for the teachers. For those children who either lost or have been separated from their parents due to the conflict and are in need of protection, we support them with their enrollment into school by providing school supplies and tuition. Extra-curricular activities including sports and counselling are also provided to improve their daily lives and to encourage them to continue to go to school.

Observed Changes

Some of the children are unable to adapt to a new life and are frequently absent from class although they started going to school with our assistance. Teachers’ support and care given by the families accepting the children have brought about changes in their attitude; for example, no absence from school and improvement of learning attitude. In addition to studying at school, the children also find joy in going to school because they can meet with their friends.

Children receiving sports equipment for after-school activities.

A Story in Our Activity Area (South Sudan)

Ms. Adlisham supports the operation of preschools in the refugee camp.

Ms. Adlisham, a supervisor of preschools, says, “All the teachers in this camp have received the training by now, as JVC has continued to provide training since 2013. Today, the teachers have a deep understanding of the importance of education and child protection. Now they can keep the preschool class fun for children, therefore, many parents bring their children to our preschool.” She also says, “Upon resolution of the conflicts, I will return to my original village and open a preschool for returnees. People were driven out of their home village due to the conflicts. They need support to coexist with others with mutual respect. The same is true for children.”

[Source: JVC Annual Report 2019]

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