Expanding a Network of International Cooperation and Bringing Changes to Society

Events, Lectures, Development Education

JVC plays an important role in informing the Japanese public of the conditions in the areas where we are active through raising awareness and expanding public support. JVC participated in “Global Festa”, one of the largest events for international cooperation in Japan. In addition, JVC organized six events with more than 500 participants altogether in collaboration with “GARDEN Journalism”, a company which supports information dispatch to citizens, and “Courrier Japon” of Kodansha Publishers. GARDEN Journalism is led by Mr. Jun Hori, a journalist and an ex-announcer of NHK. About 180 people attended the JVC briefing and consultation sessions, which were held twice a month at our office. JVC appealed to many people for understanding of its activities and current situation in the world through these events. Apart from events, JVC delivered its messages to people by giving about 45 lectures in various places in Japan and by receiving visitors from twelve schools.

An event in collaboration with Courrier Japon and GARDEN Journalism.

JVC appeared in various media such as TV, newspaper, radio and websites.

JVC International Cooperation Calendar

The 2018 calendar “Have a nice day!” is filled with people’s daily life in various places in the world.

JVC has produced international cooperation calendars since 1987 using the best pictures by photographers who were actively at work every year. The 2018 edition was accompanied by pictures taken by photographer Hiromi Nagakura, who continues taking pictures of people living in various places in the world. It was titled “Have a nice day! – A day in your life and a day on the earth” on the theme “life”. About 14,000 copies were sold, as his vivid photographs attracted many people. JVC’s “Smile Greeting Cards,” which featured drawings by children at our project sites, were also produced and about 1,100 copies were sold. The theme of the 2019 edition of the calendar is “diversity”, featuring pictures taken by photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi.

JVC International Cooperation Concerts

Mr. Benjamin Goodson was well accepted by the chorus members and realized a sense of unity in the 2017 concerts.

The JVC international cooperation concerts have been held every December for 29 years in Tokyo and 24 years in Osaka. The main program of the 2017 concerts at both locations was G. F. Handel’s “Messiah”. The concerts were well received by the audience; they praised the conductor Benjamin Goodson, who was invited from Germany, for marvelously conducting orchestras and commanding choruses. The total number of the audiences at both concerts was 2,266. Although the sale of tickets was satisfactory even in 2017, JVC finally decided to put an end to the JVC benefit concerts in the fiscal year of 2018 in consideration of difficulties keeping a positive balance sheet of earnings and expenses for sustainable operation. The final concerts in 2018 will invite the conductor Jos van Veldhoven, who is considered to be the greatest treasure of early music in the Netherlands.

[Source: JVC Annual Report 2017]

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