Raising Awareness and Expanding Public Support

Events, Lectures, Development Education

JVC plays an important role in informing the Japanese public of the conditions in the areas we are active, and offers opportunities to think about the world. JVC participated in events such as “Global Festa” for this reason. JVC also held conferences to report its activities, exclusively for the registered supporters, three times in Tokyo and once in Osaka, in order to promote mutual understanding with them. As to its activities in South Sudan, which were specifically noticed, JVC appealed to many people for understanding of current situation by responding to about fifty requests of the media for information and delivering more than ten lectures since October. More than 200 people attended the JVC briefing and consultation sessions held three times a month at our office.

Mr. Imai, in charge of emergency assistance in South Sudan, appeared heavily in the media and delivered lectures.

JVC Benefit Calendar

2017 calendar “Bright Eyes” filled with charms of children in the world.

JVC has produced benefit calendars since 1987. The 2017 edition, “Bright Eyes” was accompanied by pictures taken by photographer Takeyoshi Tanuma, who continued taking pictures of children in the world. About 16,000 copies were sold, because charming photos of children were popular with many people. JVC’s “Smile Greeting Cards,” which featured drawings by children at our project sites, were also produced and about 1,000 copies were sold. The theme of the 2018 edition of the calendar is “LIFE”. It will be accompanied by pictures taken by photographer Hiromi Nagakura.

JVC Benefit Concerts

All the performers and audiences sang “Silent Night” together at the end.

The 2016 JVC Benefit Concerts were held 23 and 28 years after the initial concerts held respectively in Osaka and Tokyo. For the first time, we attempted and duly finished giving concerts on two consecutive days in order to reduce costs and grant performers’ requests. The concerts’ main program was J. S. Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio.” The concerts were well received by the audience, with one audience member stating “It was a concert performed in a lofty style. I would like to give performers loud applause.”

(source: “JVC Annual Report – 2016 report”)

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