The JVC staff are crucial to the success and continuation of JVC’s international activities in 11 countries around the world. Our staff is composed of passionate, dedicated, and inspiring individuals who share the JVC vision of a truly human and harmonious global community. The JVC staff want to share their voice for the sake of bringing global events closer to home, and to inspire the younger generation. Their voice will give the younger generation suggestions and a vision of a possible future career with NGO’s. More importantly, the youth will have a greater understanding of the world we inhabit and share as one human race.

List of Staff Available:

Name Main Focus/Themes for Lectures

Takaki IMAI
  • International corporation in conflict zones
  • Activities in Sudan and South Sudan
  • Peace building without force
  • NGO policy recommendations

Community Development/South Africa
  • Rural development
  • Lifestyle and NGO activities in South Africa
  • Commitment to HIV/AIDS
  • ODA development issues in Mozambique

Hironori SHIMODA
  • Lifestyle and NGO activities in Thailand
  • Lifestyle and NGO activities in Cambodia
  • Food insecurity and its relation to our life in Japan

Shigeru KIMURA
  • Rural development
  • Lifestyle and NGO activities in Laos
  • Forest resources

Public Relations/Fundraising
  • Lifestyle and NGO activities in Palestine
  • Arabic language courses

Deputy General Manager
  • Work style of an NGO
  • For NGO staff: System management, labor management

Yumiko INAMI
  • For NGO staff: Accounting, labor management

In conjunction with the lectures, JVC would love to meet the participants and speak with them. We will host picture panels and sell local goods from the areas discussed in the lectures.

Once you have a theme, subject, or focus in mind, please complete our contact application: JVC_lecture_applicationform_E

Send the completed form to our email at: or fax it to us at: 03-3835-0519

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