I. Vision

To build a society where all people can coexist and live in harmony with each other and with nature.

II. Missions

In today’s world, there exist many societies that suffer from environmental destruction caused by exploitative development. As a result, these societies are exposed to many unfortunate disasters and life insecurities. Moreover, there are many people whose basic human rights are threatened as they face structural discriminations and are condemned to a life of poverty. JVC seeks to support these kinds of societies and people. Working together as one unit, we hope to analyze their current state of affairs, establish long-term goals, and broaden the possibilities of building a new way of life.

In order to achieve these goals, we have established four concrete mission steps upon which we focus our activities.

Mission 1: Create a community-based and sustainable society

The constantly globalizing economy has produced and intensified the disparity and the exploitation of resources and local cultures. In response to these circumstances, JVC works with local communities by providing them with support to promote the conservation and management of their local natural resources. By doing so, we can return the local economy back to the hands of the people – allowing for more stable lives in community-based societies.

Mission 2: Provide relief to victims of conflicts and promote peace and conflict resolution without military influence

JVC aims to protect the human rights of the people affected by conflicts, have their mutual relationships built by themselves, and promote and practice non-violence. By doing so, JVC promotes conflict prevention and resolution without military influence. Additionally, JVC has many initiatives to provide relief to innocent victims during and after conflicts and lead them to reconstruction and reconciliation.

Mission 3: Provide victims of disaster with immediate relief and initiate their sustainable reconstruction projects

JVC provides victims of disaster-struck areas with immediate relief and helps reconstruct fundamental elements of their livelihoods. Moreover, we investigate the root causes and structural problems that make some people more vulnerable to becoming victims of disasters. These include environmental destruction and inequality. We also make proposals for solving those problems. Additionally, JVC initiates sustainable reconstruction projects and works to create a fair and sustainable society in which certain groups and populations are not more vulnerable to disasters than others.

Mission 4: Create grass-roots networks and dispatch messages and advocacy for society change

JVC aims to create spaces where people seeking to create change in their respective areas around the world can gather and foster intellectual and mutual learning. The gathering of many agents of change and the accumulation of practice will become an integral element of strengthening a push for a bigger movement for change. The international exchange of ideas also helps the society of Japan and the world understand the current situation and challenges of the people living in respective areas. Moreover, utilizing its network, JVC makes proposals on development, peace, and international cooperation.

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