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The Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC*) is an international NGO established in 1980. It originally consisted of Japanese volunteers who rushed to Thailand to save displaced people in Indochina. Later activities were focused on a variety of areas including rural development, forest reservation, post-conflict reconstruction, peace building, medical care, disaster relief, and advocacy. We have accumulated much experience in supporting people in more than 20 countries. We implement activities meeting local needs and situations with an eye toward the futures of people and the communities they live in. JVC aims to build peaceful and self-sustainable societies, and we are currently active in Cambodia, Laos, South Africa, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Korea (DPRK), and Japan.

[*The abbreviation “JVC” comes from our original name, Japanese Volunteer Center. Although our name was changed to Japan International Volunteer Center in 1983, the well-known JVC was left as it is.]


In the 2019 fiscal year, the JVC operated on a budget of approximately 258 million yen. The graphic below provides a breakdown of the budget for the 2019 fiscal year.

(Fiscal Year 2019 Finance Report: PDF)


79 (19 Japanese including 5 overseas, 60 on-site staff members)

[As of June 2020]

Takaki IMAI

(IMAI interview: blog article)

Secretary General:
Tokiko ITO

Offices: Tokyo, Laos, Cambodia, Palestine, Sudan, South Africa

Board of Directors

Rika FUJIYA (Assistant professor, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, Keio University)
Takaki IMAI (JVC President)
Tokiko ITO (JVC Secretary General)
Shoji KINOSHITA (Maestrora Music Academy)
Ryutaro OGAWA (Lawyer)
Takehiro ONO (Djimono Kobo Project)
Ken SHIMIZU (Development consultant)
Toshihiro SHIMIZU (Former Secretary General of JVC, President of JCBL)
Shoko UCHIDA (Pacific Asia Resource Center, PARC)
Naoko WATANABE (JVC Manager for the Community Development Group)

[As of June 2020]


Masayuki TANAKA (Former position: Social Contributions Division, Ajinomoto Group)
Mei YAZAKI (Certified public accountant)

[As of June 2020]


Inez M. BASKERVILLE (JVC Benefit Concert Founder)
Masako HOSHINO (Former Secretary General of JVC)
Michiya KUMAOKA (Former President of JVC 1995-2006)
Hiroshi TANIYAMA (Former President of JVC 2006-2018, Former President of Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC))

[As of June 2020]


1988 The Tokyo Bar Association Prize for Human Rights
1989 Asahi Welfare Prize
1992 Mainichi International Exchange Awards
1995 Prime Minister’s Awards
2015 Peace Studies Association of Japan Prize for Peace
2018 2018 Okinawa Peace Prize

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