Raising Awareness and Expanding Public Support

Events, Conferences, Development Education

JVC plays an important role in informing the Japanese public of the conditions in the areas we are active, and offers opportunities to think about the world. JVC participated in events such as “Global Festa” for this reason. JVC also organized a symposium for its 35th anniversary in September. Additionally, JVC extended its reach to youth through orientations for high school and junior high school students, as well as lectures for university students. More than 200 people attended the JVC briefing and consultation sessions held three times a month at our office.

Craft sale and public relations at the JVC booth in Global Festa

The earnings of the “TiQNoKo”CD will be used for the humanitarian actions in the world through JVC

Moreover, JVC started “TiQNoKo” project together with “Les Romanesques,” a pop duo, and produced charity CD, “TiQNoKo.” Its web site was also created.

JVC Benefit Calendar

2016 Calendar with the photographs of Uruma Takezawa, and the poems of Shuntaro Tanikawa

JVC has produced benefit calendars since 1987. The 2016 edition, “Full of Lives” was accompanied by pictures taken by photographer Uruma Takezawa, and poems written by poet Shuntaro Tanikawa. About 17,000 copies were sold, many to serve as New Year’s holiday greetings and gifts. JVC’s “Smile Greeting Cards,” which feature drawings by children at our project sites, were also produced. The 2017 edition of the calendar will have a theme of children. It will be accompanied by pictures taken by photographer Takeyoshi Tanuma.

JVC Benefit Concerts

2015 JVC Tokyo Benefit Concert

The 2015 JVC Bene t Concerts – Handel’s “Messiah” in Osaka and J. S. Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” and John Rutter’s “Magnificat” in Tokyo – were performed by the conductor Kathleen Allan from Canada. The total number of audience members in Osaka and Tokyo concerts was 1,954, which was an increase of 183 people from last year. “A charity raf e” was held for the rst time in Tokyo. Prize items were supplied by ten companies including new supporters. All 400 raf e tickets were sold out. The charity raf e was well received by the audience. JVC plans to continue this new way of supporting concerts.

(source: “JVC Annual Report – 2015 report”)

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