About JVC

Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) has various projects such as agriculture, water provision, forest preservation/utilization, children’s education, peace building, and emergency relief. Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, South Africa, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, D.P.R.K, Sudan and disaster area of Great East Japan Earthquake are the current fields of our projects. Here in Japan, we are devoted to enlightening activities that promote a fair and just society through advocacy, development education, and networking.

JVC was established in 1980. Since then we have accumulated experiences in supporting people in over 20 countries. JVC strives for a “truly effective project.” On the surface, our projects might seem not to obtain immediate results; however, we implement our projects based on local needs and circumstances to improve the future of people and community. What we are aiming at is peaceful, self-sustainable society.

Activity policy

People play the main role and JVC supports them. Our activity guideline is not to take high technology things to villages and not to force culture change towards that of developed countries.


JVC was founded in 1980 by Japanese volunteers who rushed to Thailand to save displaced people in Indochina. Later our activities expanded from refugee relief to rural development for safe and stable life, which JVC thought was the ultimate solution to prevent refugees. The main pillars of activity presently are rural development, emergency relief, peace exchange, and advocacy.


In the 2015 fiscal year, the JVC operated on a budget of approximately 360 million yen. The graphic below provides a breakdown of the budget for the 2015 fiscal year.

(Fiscal Year 2015 Finance Report: PDF)

Staff (as of July 2015)

109 (38 Japanese,including 9 working overseas,71 local staff members)


(TANIYAMA interview: blog article)
Secretary General:
Takatoshi HASEBE

(HASEBE interview: blog article)

office: Tokyo, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Palestine, South Africa, Sudan, Kesennuma

Director Members

Atsuko ISODA (JVC Vice President, Professor. Kagawa Nutrition University (=JOSHI EIYO DAIGAKU))
Hiroshi SASAKI (Professor. Niigata University of International and Information Studies)
Hiroshi TANIYAMA (JVC President)
Ken SHIMIZU (development consultant)
Kim KYUNGMOOK (Professor. WASEDA University)
Koyu FURUSAWA (Professor. KOKUGAKUIN University)
Ryutaro OGAWA (Lawer)
Shoji KINOSHITA (Maestrora music academy)
Tetsuo TAKASHIMA (private organization staff)
Toshiaki SHIMA (JVC OB)
Toshihiro SHIMIZU (former Secretary General, JCBL President)


Kaori KURODA (CSO Network Japan)


1988 The Tokyo Bar Association Prize for Human Rights
1989 Asahi Welfare Prize
1992 Mainichi International Exchange Awards
1995 Prime Minister’s Awards
2015 Peace Studies Association of Japan Prize for Peace

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